fight sport network on expressvu?

i am getting nothing from expressvu on whether they are planning on carring the fightnetwork.
i would definatly order it if they did but i don't have that choice.
anybody in the know on what whether they are planning on carrig it?

perfect i'll give them another call


they do have it, I have been watching it over the last few months off and on. it seems like a great channel. The channel number is 390.

I have two receivers at home a HD PVR that I rented and an older 2700 that I bought years ago. On the PVR system I get 390, but I don't no the older received :(

frick i can't believe i had it and did not know it.
i will check when i get home
thanks guys

for a good laugh, watch the Bodog 'reality' fight show. Its so gay my TV turned pink.

When I talked to BellExpressVu, they said I have to put a $90.00 upgrade on my dish, then I'll be able to get it. Going out right after Christmas to get it!

i was told the same thing the channel is on nimique 2
for what it's worth they told me there is a special on the upgrade 89.99 i buy it and get the money (full amount )in programming credits.
although if i upgrade to HD pvr it will come in on this channel since you get both nimique 1&2 for HD