fight videos

im taking a shot in the dark here, but i am trying to get ahold of some of my fight tapes and would appreciate anyones help, ill gladly pay for shipping and the tape costs, i got all my fights except three on tape, one is from an obscure event in july of 1997 in dallas texas @ the bronco bowl called power ring warriors where i fought a guy named cody baskin.i know it was aired on cable there butim fairly certain i wont ever get this event but i might as well try while im at it. also hooknshoot event where i fought wally holem called hooknshoot eruption. and then my fight vs. todd fox at the sfc in april of 2000 i believe this was the last event that brian madden put on before he passed away,again any help is much appreciated


wassup shane... you need to get back to the den..ASAP!!

Shane, I'm sure I have the Eruption tape, but I probably couldn't get to making you a copy for about two weeks (slammed with work). If you don't find it by then please send me an email Thursday or Friday of next week and I will take care of you -

thankx a million johnny, ill hit you up with my address on your e-mail, just send it when ya can and let me know what i owe ya,

david- i was thinking of coming back up and talking to mike about me coming back within the next few weeks.


I think I know where you may be able to find those tapes.

Shoot me an email at