Fighter coming back from mental collapse to win?

 We've all seen guys look really bad, fall apart mentally, even outright just quit, but be able to rebuild and get their career back on track after a horrendous loss. Its not very common, but it does occur.

Im talking about an athlete mentally collapsing but being able to get it together during the same fight and come back and win.

I cant off the top of my head really think of too many examples of MMA.

The adage I always had heard and believe in is that if you are physically exhausted/hurt/fading but mentally still in the game, you can make a U-turn and get it done. But that even if physically ok, you are done if you break mentally and accept the defeat and look for a way out to be just a spectator again.

In boxing Michael Moorer was totally done against Holyfield. Didnt even appear to be trying to win. He eventually took the decision but depending on who you ask it was moreso Teddy Atlas harassing him back into focus or his opponent's health issues causing him to collapse before he could seal the victory.

I find the topic interesting because of how much of the combat sports are mental. Gym sparring is totally different than the actual "all or nothing" mentality of training for months for one night's shot.

Tell me what you guys think and any examples that come to mind.

According to Chael, Anderson broke mentally in both fights. Phone Post

Yeah, and according only to Chael.

Ryo chonan vs anderson silva Phone Post

 Chonan was fine, imo.

Good call on Fickett somehow not phoning it in.

Liddell v. Jardine.

Jardine's first big fight and clearly he was scared/nervous/stiff at the beginning of the fight. However he settled in and his confidence grew, and he ended up winning

 great example^