Fighter Pay Question.

 So I saw the Stikeforce pay outs. And I've had this question for a while. What determines how much a fighter makes per fight? I know that each contract for each fighter is negotiated seperately, and your popularity, and marketability, and record determines a big portion of what you make.

I just don't get how someone can win a title in their division and make 100k less than the person they beat to win it?!?!?! Or how someone can get k.o.d in one minute and make 75k, but the guy who k.o.d him makes 2k? How in the hell does a profetional fighter fighting on an "elite" network make 2k for winning a fight?

I'm referring to Gina making 125k and Cyborg making 25k with after a 5k win bonus.

And Mousassi making 2k (seriously WTF?) after Babalu made 75k for the loss.

I really hope the Mousassi numbers were a typo. If not, he should shoot his manager or agent or whoever is handling his business.