Fighter resumes

Can anyone give me a quick rundown of what a fighters resume should look like? Obviously all the stats and stuff, but what about if he/she is a newbie fighter, (no competitive experience). Thanks.

Styles practiced, belt ranks, and other pertinent experience.

Much Appreciated.

picture of you on a harley all waxed and baby oiled (works for ron waterman)

MAke sure you make it clear in there that you are in fact prepared enough to face another trained fighter and hold your own. And that you have been trained well enough and can take full force blows without losing your composure in the ring.

And that you are versed in submissions, wrestling, and striking so you feel comfortable anywhere.

Once you get a fight or two in then promoters know you can throw down, but if you are trying to get your first fight then you gotta make them feel like you can and will get in there fight as hard as you can and not get hurt. And that through your training you have earned the right to call yourself a fighter and deserve the chance to compete as much as anyone else.

very well put KBeezy, you have to be an all around class act too. Promotors eat that alive. Be prepared to fight the distance and keep your head about you and you will be fine.

joel blanton