Fighters, Bikinis, and Rehab

Check out the video! it was a BLAST!

Lol, I don't think you do understand, but thats ok... I am finishing up another video as we speak. Will post that one tomorrow...

Fake tans and faker Tah-tahs just don't turn my crank.

viva las vegas, I guess.

Rehab is the greatest event ever devised by mankind. I want to live in one of those huts.

Sad to see guys like Lister acting like the rest of the losers. I expect it from them, but not from him.

That's a very happy looking Hendo right there :)


monday was good too!

oh my god, were you there and I didnt see you?? PS: thats mayhem's girl with hendo... here's MY sunday pics: - view this album

MMmmm...I got dibs on the babe in the blue bikini and sunglasses!

I think I know one of those girls.

evil master- define "dibs" ;)

gregbell- thanks, was fun as hell, although utterly insane!

"dibs" = Reserved for EvilMaster don't touch!


is dan so ugly hes cute?...


"is dan so ugly hes cute?..."

My female friends seems to think so atleast.
Maybe I should show them pictures of him without his teeth? :)

evil master- oh yeah??