Fighters - Calling each other out

When fighters call each other out, do you think it is just that....calling each other out or do you think their managers start this through the fighters to start the ball rollin' to put fights together?

Example: Read a post today on Sanchez calling out Karo and Leben. I wonder if Sanchez' manager told him to do that or was it Diego's own idea.

just hype but i enjoy it. i like wwe too.

Here's a potentially crazy idea:

Maybe fighters do it sometimes for different reasons. For example, maybe their coaches/managers use it as a promoting tool, maybe they do, maybe they have a grudge, maybe the promoter wants a more exciting event complete with drama, maybe the fighter is just a dick.

What makes you think its always the same reason?


I don't always think it is the same reason, was just looking for some input

I'm in favor of reverting to ye olden tymes, where a glove was literally thrown down and a formal challenge to a duel issued.