After a week hiatus, we're back on the air!  Please tune in.

Show details to follow...

lol at gorilla marketing. literally. jeebus

Standing by to standby!

 Let us talk of Chack getting KTFO! OUCH!!

Topic: Gorillas Trashing Hotel Rooms.

Tune in!

^that will be discussed.

we're gonna talk about the 205 landscape, the future of Chuck, and the passing of an era at the UFC. will be a full show, we've got a lot in store...including a possible interview with KJ Noons about his disagreements with EliteXC.

^^^Awwwwwwww yeah!

what about women in gorilla outfits?

 alyssa milano is a sexy gorilla.  check out her arms..,


i wouldn't kick her out of bed though.

i would.

please don't ask me how i define "kick" though.

as we spoon, must remember to keep hands on breast at all times.

feel meh?!

 You mean feel her?!

^^^breast = her :)

arms = him? :(

on in 1hr45min

I'd get over those arms real quick.

No kidding and with the different lazer treatments it's an easy fix

what arms

anyone disgusted by our home surgery topic today?