fighters forum names?

who out there knows fighters user names besides jens and newton's


Mike Burnett-eastsida

I think rampage was rampage101 or did I make that up subconsciencly?


Matt Hughes=Matt Hughes

Josh Barnett=Josh Barnett(I think)

Elvis Sinosic=Elvis

I forget if Freeman goes by Ian Freeman or the Machine

I could probably go on...but Im half asleep.

rite on man apreciate it

Westsidestrangler= Chris Brennen.

ian goes by the machine.

Fittin Mad = Harry Moskowitz

Big Cat = Tom Erikson

The Law = Matt Lindland


chris rockwell- misfitsfiendjkd

John Alession=The Natural

Rich Clementi- No Love

"Matt Hughes=Matt Hughes"

I thought Hughes posted under the name BGS or something along those lines

Tito = futa1

Mike Burnett = eastsida

Randy = thenatural

Elvis Sinosic = Elvis

Royce Gracie = Royce Gracie

Big Cat = Tom Erickson

Rickson Gracie = Spankenstyne

Westside Strangler = Chris Brennan

Fittin Mad = Harry Moskowitz

wow, so many more too.

novauniaohawaii=Charuto Verissimo
3D=Deshawn Johnson


warriormac=carlos newton



enson1967=enson inoue