Fighters Outlet Thread removed ...

Hey guys, for some reason , out thread was removed. Does anybody know who we have to contact to get it restored ??

Any help would be apreciated..


The Fightes Outlet -

Probably the adverti$ing department...

KipDynamite ,

Do you have the email ?
Thanks for your help anyway..


I understand that this is a private forum, but I am curious as to whether there is a specific answer as to how these threads are being moved / deleted ?

Hopefully this forum isn't becoming edutainment. It used to be more of a fan friendly unbiased forum. Now is it just a big advert?

Thread appears to be on the UG, not What If, or
deleted? My preference is that commercial companies
making money on the Internet trying to promote their
business here buy a paid membership. But I am not
going to delete a thread like that; I just email them.

Kirik is the man.

Business Pro Membership

Kirik ,

Thanks for letting us know , but no emails were sent out before about this , that is why we asked what happened to the deleted thread .

Anyway , we will move forward to the business membership if it is what all the commercial companies are doing, but can you restore the deleted thread?

Thanks for your attention,

The Fighers Outlet

ic. just curious.
you will see i edited my post to say nothing. It was b/c I figured it was none of my bizness and shouldn't have asked. I didn't feel it was my place to ask you and you don't have to answer.
and congrats on the NO FEAR stores.


Sounds like you have a business here? If you do what would you suggest for the best cost/benefit ? I see that going pro for you is not a solution..

We would like to do something fair for both sides so it wil not hurt anybody business.

Thanks for your info,

The Fighters Outlet

There is a thread on the UG already titled THE FIGHTERS OUTLET? Has 313 views? If there is another thread maybe titled FIGHTERSOUTLET or some variation, let me know, and I will be happy to restore it.

As anyone who views the page even briefly can attest, there are many dozens of screen names promoting all kinds of business, including ones that directly compete with mine.

The sole exception is loose fit fight shorts. SPRAWL has an agreement as the sole marketer of loose fit fight shorts on the page.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know, either here, or in email -