Fighters Wanted: March 07

We are looking for a team of 4 to 8 fighters in the 160 to 175 weight range. Show will be in March. It is in Costa Rica so you will need your passport ahead of time. all eight fighters I will match up will be in a tournament against each other in December. If you have any interest check out you can watch the Dec event for free, live that night and see who you would potentially fight. Most fights anyone has in the tournament is 3. So please no one with 15 pro fights. Just looking to get these guys matched up competitively.

Who is Odessa fighting?? ;)

ok, I know people who would be interested, how do they contact you?

ttt or


Prize money all depends on the fighters coming down. But will include airfare, hotel and food.

I will e-mail you as I have a fighter interested in this event. You say airfare will be included, hotel, and food, is that just for the fighter or is his corner included in this? Will e-mail

Thanks for the info

The Calf Cruncher

I have 8 fighters to match up. So I would want to bring down as many fighters from one school as possible. 8 seperate schools means 8 seperate corners. I would like to avoid that.

i just sent ya an email with some videos and everything ; )

wrong weight classes but good future guys

Could you CC me at I don't have access to my e-mail till later

just resent

this is incredible 6'3" and 145lbs

I would love to do this! I don't know if I can make 175..... I'm 200 right now. I like food to much.

well if you know 4 or 5 guys in the 160 to 175 range you can come down with them and I can find you some thing between 185 and 205

If you have anyone wanting to have there first pro fight I am in. I can stay with friends if it is around San Jose/Allejuela. Have any newbies like myself?

Are you in Costa rica now? I have one guy ready to make his debut and another that is 1-0. You can see his one fight on in past results under the Sept card. Alejandro Villalobos. If you are here we might be able to get you on the Dec card if not then March

Venue is 5 mins from the airport in Alejuela

woo, i wanna come to Costa Rica