Fighters Wanted !!

Monday Night Fights June 28. 2004
Honolulu, Hawaii

Men & Women fighters are wanted for these ground breaking experience. Hawaii's first Monday Night kickboxing & MMA show that will take place once a month. We are taken application for both Pro and Amatuer fighters in both Kickboxing and MMA. Some weight class will have belts up for grabs in both MMA and Kickboxing.

We can't afford to fly anyone in until maybe the second show but we still encorage fighters to come. We will catch hotel.

We are working with a luau company to try and have the mainland fighters enjoy a Luau before going home. Keep your fingers cross.

ttt shoot me an email at


hey bren...
who owns the ring you guys use for your events?...
some of the guys i work with from the "stone groove family" promotions co. are interested in renting one to put in the parking lot at the hard-rock for the after-party of the shooto event...

808 Fight Factory owns that ring..

strickland I will email you now!

thanks bren... i'll have those guys contact the gym...