Fighters who hated each other as much as JBJ & DC

Can you list some? JBJ & DC's isn't an act to promote the fight, like we've seen with some others. But there have been other guys who truly couldn't stand each other. Which ones come to mind as topping the list as genuinely disliking one another? TUF garbage drama doesn't count.

Some of those I can think of that I thought was real strong hate, although still don't consider to the level of JBJ & DC:

- Tito & Ken
- Chuck & Tito
- Ken & Don Frye before their Pride fight, although they seemed to make up after and get along better now.
- Brock & Mir
- Faber & Cruz
- Rockhold & Weidman has grown to real, true disdain - and I don't feel it's for show. Neither can wait to bash the other any chance they get, and it's been going on for awhile now. Some of it has been pretty harsh.

Chute Boxe & BTT during Pride era

Tito and Dana


Ronda & Miesha
Koscheck & Daley

Andy and Chael Phone Post 3.0

Conor & Aldo although while I'm sure Aldo hated him I don't know if Conor was emotionally invested.

Bisping and Hendo

Koscheck and Daley

Great ones op. Not sure they count but here are some honorable mentions
AA vs big Tim

Bj and Hughes (now are friends)

Frank Trigg and matt Hughes

Tito and guy meztger Phone Post 3.0

stcpm02 - Andy and Chael Phone Post 3.0


you got a scrapbook for all your wolf ticket stubs?

Nick and Mayhem.

Wanderlei vs Rampage had some serious heat too.

GSP and BJ Penn? Phone Post 3.0

gsp vs bj
anderson vs vitor

cruz vs dillashaw got a little ugly

Ryan and Wallied Phone Post 3.0

Reem vs Big Foot was pretty intense Phone Post 3.0

Chuck and Vernon White

Treat me like a bitch, Rashad. Phone Post 3.0

Everyone vs Tito Phone Post 3.0

Nick Diaz and Metabolites Phone Post 3.0

Bisping and Rivera Phone Post 3.0