Fighting Words

In the dojo an instructor has to people go to the middel of the ring bow to each other for respect and square off and fight. Thats great for sport which I love. To recreate the type of setting you might encounter on the street, you must begin with the question, How do most fights begin? Whether it be a drunk mouthing off to you in a bar or some punk or bully on the street most attacks are initiated with some form of negative verbal communication. The assailant may do this for dominant posturing or victim compliance.I estimate and I may be wrong but I think about 90% of all domestic and civilian street conflicts begin with words. Just as we use a kick and punch to defend ourselves the proper words spoken at the right moment during a crisis situation may also offer protection. In human communication (remember this from psychology)there are 3 components that the receiver cues in on 1. content actual words you use about 10% 2.verbals how you speak tone of voice 40% and 3.nonverbals body language about 50%

Does anybody agree?

I think it's a good topic to post. Anyone else going to chime in on this? Anyways my two cents worth is that if you can talk them down or scare them (via dominant posturing) then that might be an example of using words for protection. This would be during the interview stage when the attacker or possible attacker is sizing you up. If this escalates I'm not sure if words would still be as effective???

whatever you do don't say I have a black belt and will kick your ass. I have seen many "black belts" get beat down by non martial artists. It makes you look dumb if you claiming to have one and don't. It also makes your whole art look like a joke if you actualy do. Besides me personaly that makes me more pissed off when somone says that to me only because I don't respond well to agression like that. I think the key is to sound confindent but not aggressive. To show that your not afraid but also that you don't want to fight but will if forced.

Bigbrando you are probably right and BigBrawler I agree with you also there is a lot of people that give martial arts a bad name.

IMHO, every martial artist should do themselves a favor and buy Geoff Thompson's book "The Fence". It really deals with an in your face aggressor situation and how handle it.