Fightmetric Noons / Couture

Robbery..very disappointed.!!!!!!!!! Phone Post

Sal Penis - KJ won for sure but Couture brought it man. It was fucking entertaining. Guranateed KJ wins a whole lot of Fight Of The Night in UFC. He WARS every fucking time. Phone Post

I like KJ, but you think he gets favorable matchups in the UFC? Phone Post

Yea im not really saying who I'm picking. But this fight isn't one you can pick a winner based on compu chart. Phone Post

I had noons winning. But fight metric don't mean shit with a 10 pt scoring system Phone Post

It was a fucking robbery. 

I never use that term, but tonight's fight fit the bill perfectly. Even after reading these stats, you go back and watch the fight and see Ryan getting lit up every round, regardless of whether or not he's the aggressor.


KJ deserves a rematch and I'm sure he wants in. FuelTV card, make it happen Joe Silva.

KJ won. 29-28. Easy. I wish my last name was Couture. Phone Post

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Is OP really using a round where Fightmetric has Noons landing ONE more strike as "omg how did he not win the fight??"?

Obviously the judges don't have these stats in front of him and aren't counting strikes anyway. 

Learn to read....

There is NOT a round where fight metric has him landing only one more strike.


This isn't boxing,what's wrong with you people.

JoeMimic - His last name is COUTURE Phone Post

That may have helped him get started but it isn't his name that mattered here this was hardly a fight that the word "robbed" should be used I think if he was t a couture nobody would be saying "robbed" Phone Post

He was outsruck 54 to 45 and that is indicative of a robbery? It isn't.

Beyond the #s, Couture was certainly the aggressor, and actual damage caused back and forth was relative.

I think Noons won the fight, but it wasn't this ass kicking gift decision that yall are making this out to be.

I thought KJ won, but was glad Ryan got the nod

Couture moved forward the entire fight, definatel was more agressive, had a couple sub attempts I think. There are more categories than just striking