Fights I want to see

 Below is a list of fights I would like to see. I know some have already fought but i would like to see it happen again. Dana feel free to oblige.

Heavy Weight

Cain vs JDS

Cain vs Overeem

Fedor vs Mir

Barnett vs Lesnar

Lesnar vs Carwin 2

Light Heavy

Rua vs Machida

Griffin vs jackson

Hendo vs Rashad

Hendo vs Fedor

A Silva vs Fedor


Silva vs Chael 2

Maia vs Bisping

Marquart vs Vitor


GSP vs Fitch 2 (i know it will be a decision fest but I would like to see it)

Shields vs Diaz

Alves vs Penn

Condit vs everyone especially Diaz

Kos vs shields


Edgar vs Pettis

Maynard vs Penn


Florian vs Aldo

Nunes vs Mendez


Cruz vs anyone

Faber to win again

 I also know some will never happen.

Rua and A. Silva at LHW IMO Phone Post

The two fights on your list that stand out to me are Alves vs Penn and Lesnar vs Barnett. I would love to see both of those fights.

Lesnar vs Barnett would be interesting considering the Paulson connection and the fact that they're two fantastic wrestlers. Id' be rooting for Barnett.

Alves vs Penn. I like that, a lot. Let them bang.

Lesser bs Barnett interesting. Forrest vs rampage yawn leg kick fest again. Phone Post

Shields vs Fitch
Chael vs Machida
Alves vs Diaz

Mitrione vs Carwin would be fun.

Alves vs Diaz would be great Phone Post

 Really good picks. I don't think that I'd be able to watch Fedor lose to Mir.

Lesnar-Carwin 2 needs to happen and Lesnar-Barnett would have epic MMA promos

Diaz condit. Penn Guillard. Munoz Stann. Ellenberger Fitch. JDS vs anyone.

damn good list Fight i want to see is Barbosa-Oliviera

HW - Dos Santos/Overeem
Antonio Silva/Lesnar
LHW - Mousasi/Rua
Rua/A. Silva
Rodolfo Vieira/Roger Gracie (not gonna happen)
MW - A. Silva/Souza
WW - Hughes/Fitch
A. Johnson/Alves
LW - Guilard/Alverez
Penn/Aldo Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Cowboy vs Pettis Phone Post

Machida vs a. silva would be insane Phone Post