fights in marysville ohio

im just making sure that the event in marysville is still going on mike bowersock is throwing the event i heard something about the date being moved if anyone including mike can confirm or deny this id appreciate it

I thought Bowersocks show was on the 15th??

yes thats the show im talking about i know it was suppose to be on the 15th but i also heard he moved it to the following weekend just trying to get a hold of him see if things changed or what

I have not heard anything different.

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

Columbus, OH

bangin.. I am pretty sure it is still the 15th.. There is a show in Middletown tomorrow night and my show in Lexington Saturday if you itching for an MMA fix this weekend though..

thanks dustin just making sure i figured youd know being close and all look forward to seeing you there

anthony ferguson

I just talked to him, they are still on the 15th.

im suppose to be fighting there i talked to mike and he said to come on down then last week tim told me he thought he saw a post in hear about it being moved to the following weekend this will be my first fight back since my loss to westfall a little less than 6 months ago and if mr bowersock reads this post get a hold of me so i know who im fighting

anthony ferguson
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I heard there was a fight over some hash browns at the Waffle House in Marysville Ohio once....

See you there Tony! Good luck on your fight!

Dustin Ware