Fights in utah this weekend


The Next and only best thing is happening on the MMA scene, as local promoters Rich Layton and Joel Marchello look to set a new standard for Utah's growing MMA scene.

Fighters from Team Quest, Walt Bayless Combat Grappling, Ogden Fighting Alliance, Evolution, Global Combat/Slam Inc. and Team Unified Fighting Systems will be making up one of Utah's finest MMA cards. These fighters are Sportfight, IFC, Extreme Challenge, Ring of Fire Veterans making appearances on Utah's next best thing.

Pride and UFC stars will be in attendance(i.e. Royce Gracie, Alex Stebling, and many more) Making this show a must see for anyone.

The fights will take place at Utah's own Muay Thai Institute of Salt Lake City.(650 East 2180 South) Fights will start at 8:00 doors open 6:30.

Show is a definite sell out and tickets are going on sale with Ringside 25 and GA and other seats as low as 15. For ticket info call (801)3676598 or (801)8141638 Remember tickets will move quickly/ DON'T WAIT!!!!!

Fighters fighting in this event will be Team Quests own Matt Horwich, Walt Bayless's Justin Ellison, Donny Raines, Tom Evans; Team UFS Chris Kiever, Rob Alconcel, Derek Downey; Ogden Fighting Alliance's Tyler Tomlinson, Sheroad Guice, Josh Buck, Mike Bastian, Jerome Issacs and Global Combats Josh Burkman, Barlow and Evolutions Drew Ellisor. More fighters to be announced........

Idaho's own John Holsman will be present as the best ring announcer in Mixed Martial Arts( Huge Props to John, defenitly brings a sense of proffesionalisim to any show)

These fights look to be some of Utahs best match ups of Local fighters and still bring a sense variety to the show with camps outside of Utah. This Show Will Defenitely Put Utah on The MAP!!!!!




Hey taboY2 do you train in Utah?


TapboY2 where do you train at in Utah

I train in west valley with Rob Handley. Where do you train at? If you are close by you should come out great bunch of guys with no ego on the mat.

I came out to behring about a week ago My dad knows Rob some how. I think you guys were having a judo practice. Rob said he was moving locations pretty soon into slc.

Any ways I'm looking to go train with you guys probably next month sometime. I am very excited to train at Behring after talking to Rob.



Ringside tickets for $ 25.00 bucks is dirt cheap.

TTT for a Sale Out!!

Come out and support a show that uses trained fighters and not guy that just got out of jail. Or that are in rival street gangs and doesn't make the fighters sign a five year contract to fight in a bar.

one last TTT

Prof. Pedro Sauer will also be represented as well as in

Looking Forward To Fighting Matt Horwich, he is a great submission grappler so I am looking up to the challenge.

ttt for an awesome show.

Chris Kiever

PS Look for Rob Alconcel and Tyler Tomlinsons fight to be a war. Rob is looking to impress in his debut fight.

Good luck Chris.

Thanks Randy, Good luck to you in WEC. Kick some tail and tell tim and those guys Hi for me.

I know Matt is a tough grappler and trains with team Quest and they train hard, I know I am also coming off two straight losses. Losses to guys like Joe Riggs and Tim Mckenzie have made me pretty hungry, look for it to me a pretty strategic fight. I expect it to go all the way and I have trained really hard and am ready if it has to go the distance.

I still wish my man Hank Weiss could be on the card, but military engagements keep him out this weekend.