Fights That MUST Happen Soon!

Just a few fights that I feel need to take place.

Vitor vs Tito

Vitor vs V. Silva (rematch)

Lee Murray vs Phil Baroni

Lee Murray massacre an overrated Robbie Lawler

Rampage vs V. Silva (for title)

BJ Penn vs Carlos Newton (maybe only a grappling match)

Any others that I missed?

Sean Sherk vs. Carlos Newton

Yeah that too.

Why would Penn/Newton have to happen? Penn just won the title and Newton lost to a guy making his UFC debut?

Lawler is 170, not 185. But yes he would be lit up regardless


If you knew how to read you would seet hat I put in "grappling match only".

Read first...then open your ass to talk!

Lee Murray Vs Pete Spratt would be cool, although Spratt is 170

Good one Adamuk,good one.

Belfort vs Coture. lets not act like he really beat coture,ok.

Dexter Casey V Shannon Ritch so as shannon can prove he deserves a shot at Murray


Actually I'd love to see BJ Penn against Sherk. Sherks standup looks pretty solid and his shoot looks a lot faster than Matt's. Styles and different fighters make fights and I think they match up really well.

BJ would probably win but I think it would be very competitive.

Sherk vs Trigg would bring down the house.

This HAS to happen soon. Perhaps for UFC 47?

What about CroCop/Fedor??

That one is long overdue.

I know you all are going to disagree, but I can't think of a better UFC heavyweight matchup than Tank v. Sims. Whoever mentioned that was a genius!

Bustamante v. Sakuraba

Frank S. v. either of the above