fights you completely forgot or never knew about

1 fight i forgot about or never knew about was Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin at ufc 126....had no clue these two ever fought each other.

I've gorgotten about almost every fight prior to 2017.

ive gorgotten quite a few as well



I know I have forgotten some fights , but I forget which.

I have completely forget these I knew about

Did Brock ever fight Fedor? Can't remember...

Joe Riggs vs Herb Dean

But how do I do this? How do I remember the fights I've forgot? Strange thread...

Alberto el patron (Alberto del Rio) fought crocop in a luchador mask

Also, Jay Hieron knocked the dog shit out of Jason High on one of the affliction ppv's, the bout wasn't televised.

Idk if I'm doing this right....

I forgot about them so im not sure

Because they were snore fests

clattymine -

I've gorgotten about almost every fight prior to 2017.

Me too. We are just old men

I didn't know Rampage already fought King Mo before and their upcoming fight is a rematch.

Maybe we should name fights we think other people may have forgotten?

^^^^....probably shouldve worded my title better

some people dont know that Jorge Rivera fought Tim Silvia . Amateur fight Rhode Island vale tudo. Rivera won by decision.

Brad Pickett beat Mighty Mouse in the WEC

Zombie vs the diamond, awesome fucking fight