Filho talks UFC, Franklin, Joe D.

"Dana White said he isn't interested in seeing me in the UFC at this time, and that I will continue fighting in Pride. I think he is afraid that I will dismantle his fighters, apart from Anderson Silva. They want to rebuild Rich Franklin - Yushin Okami is bad and he almost caught him, if it was me in there, I would walk over Franklin. They do not like Brazilians, and that is unfortunate for them, they do not have anywhere to run, and Anderson and I will dominate UFC and Pride FC for a long time."

"(Joe Doerksen) wants to decide ths fight on the feet? All good, this is what he speaks, and we will see if he can do it. I can say that I am blond and have blue eyes, but I will be alone what I am speaking. I will answer him in the best possible form, in the octagon, fighting as I always have. I am at 93kg working hard to lower the weight."

from World Fight

"I can say that I am blond and have blue eyes, but I will be alone what I am speaking."

Classic quote.

"They do not like Brazilians"

What a load of shit that is. One holds a title, 2 have title shots in the next 2 events

he is right. Dana is scared shitless of filho.


JeffMcFluffy = new paid UFC poster

"JeffMcFluffy = new paid UFC poster "

Ha ha I wish. I'm just saying that the facts dont really back up his point.

MachineMG, can we get a link? Also Filho would be the favorite in about any 185bls fight. He can be boring though, a mini arona. I think MTG is right, they trian together I dont think they want to be in the same promotion?

Filho has sick Judo he will destroy Joe.

Where's the link?

here you go.

Filho would be welcomed to the ufc with open arms if he was an american with a wrestling base.

Joe D will win.

Filho is right, here. Perhaps not about Dana hating Brazilians, but about UFC being scared of Filho. Filho would dominate the division, and potentially be less-than-exciting (especially to many fans less educated about the ground game) doing so.

Filho deserves to be in the UFC, easily.

Again, where's the fucking link? (a legitimate one, this time).

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Again, where's the fucking link? (a legitimate one, this time).

"They do not like Brazilians"

Mino, A. Silva, Franca, Gonzaga, Tavares, Sobral, Carneiro, Alves, Crocota, Pe de Pano, Gouveia , Gurgel, Saraiva......I could go on.....

"what, so Filho wont fight A Silva??well if thats the truth then its no wonder why dana wont let FIlho into the makes no sense for 2 top mdwts to be fighting in the same org if they wont fight each other..."

probably the most retarted thing i've heard in a very very very long time

"filho is a good fighter but way overrated considering he hasn't exactly faced top talent."

LOL, he's faced far better talent that Franklin. He easily beat Chonan, who beat Silva, went through Misaki with ease, who beat Henderson, destroyed Amar Suloev who went the distance with former LHW champ Chuck Liddell.

Franklin beat The Crow. LOL.

Filho with white skin and a wrestling background would be hailed as a great fighter. He'd be more popular than Sean Sherk.

Filho will be in the UFC soon if he can prove his ability to win in exciting fashion, he's future champ if they let him but he's gotta put asses in the seats too not bore them out of them. Sad but true.