Final AFC 17 card!!!


3 RDS / super heavy weight: Mario "Big Hurt" Rinaldi (American Top Team/Din Thomas, PSL, Fl) v. Travis "The Ironman" Fulton (Team Peak Performance, Waterloo, IA) *Super Heavy Weight Title/ Vacant*

3 RDS / 170lbs:  Jorge Masvidal (Freestyle Fighting Academy ,Miami, FL) v. Nuri Shakir (Team Elite, Nashua,NH ) *WelterWeight Title*

3 RDS / 155lbs: Hermes Franca (Team Armory, Jupiter,Fl) v. Lucas Caudillo (Team Wiseman,North Platte, NE )
3RDS / 170lbs:  Nick "The Goat" Thompson (Minnesota Martial Arts, Minneapolis,MN) v. Chris Wilson (Team Quest, Gresham, OR)

3RDS / 185lbs: Dustin "Clean" Denes (American Top Team, Ft. Lauderdale,FL) v. Todd "Crazy T" Carney (Team Praxis, Glendale, WV)

2RDS / 205lbs: Ben 'The Hebrew Hammer' Stark (American Top Team, Ft Lauderdale, Fl) v.  Joe Kennedy (Freelance, Indianapolis,IN)

2RDS / 170lbs: Mickey "Paraguayo" Gomez (Gracie Barra Orlando, Orlando, FL) v. Matthew Brown (Team Jorge Gurgel, Columbus, OH)

2RDS / 170lbs: Roger Krahl (ATT/ Wolfpack, Sunrise, Fl) v. Jeremy May (Team Trauma, Ocala, Fl)

2RDS / 205lbs: Eric Swiger (Villardo Jiu Jitsu, Boca Raton, Fl) v. Lew Polley (Wright Carolina Martial Arts, Jacksonville,NC)

2RDS / 170lbs: Luis Palomino (Pereira Jiu Jitsu, Hialea,Fl) v. Luis Pilato (Team One Dragon, Hollywood, FL)

2RDS / 205lbs: Ariel Gandulla (Freestyle Fighting Academy , Miami, Fl) v. Lucas Overcast (F-2 Arena, Gainsville, Fl)

2RDS / 145lbs: Mike Bruno (American Top Team, Ft. Lauderdale) v. Eben Oroz (JKD Extreme, West Palm Beach, FL)

 Also to avoid large men flying out of the ring we have a brand new cage to keep them in. To help with those that visually challenged we have 3 Jumbo Screens to cover all the action. 

Also we will broadcast the fights for those of you that are too cheap to fly to Florida adn watch the fights.  The site will be

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lol @ Travis still hanging around on the top side of the heavyweight division ... 2 years ago he said he was going to diet back down to 205 and make a run at training hard, etc...

Oh well, I still think he's a cool dude and wish him the best.

Thompson vs Wilson will be damn good... Hands and kicks vs rasslin' and subs.

Oh, and I hope Nuri gets whooped for tryin' to pick on guys that normally fight at

LOL. Jorge is BIGGER than Nuri at their walking weights. Jorge just cuts more to make 155 and kills himself to do it. Nuri could care less about cutting.

lets go Jorge!

The fight is at 170. if he is to small to fight guys at 170 then he shouldn't get in the ring. He fought up 165 for his last fight. And on top of that I have always fought guys bigger than me in size and weight. So please give me a break.... You are probably from florida or a big fan of his. And to him I wish good luck and a good fight. And again it is for the 170 title not the 155.

great card. wish i could be there.

My picks on the fighters I have seen:

Fulton v. Rinaldi: Fulton, KO. Rinaldi is huge, but I've only seen 2 of his fights and it seems like he simply likes to bum rush people. Travis has to much experience.

Masvidal v. Shakir: Masvidal by decision. Shakir is on a run and seems like he can put up a fight against most anybody.

Thompson v. Wilson: Wilson, although Team Quest guys don't seem to have to much luck in the AFC.

Denes v. Carney: Carney by KO. Carney hits hard and Denes does not. Although Denes Jiu Jitsu is probably light years better, it will be pretty tough for him to get it to the ground.

I've seen about 1/2 of the other fighters, but they are matched up against fighters I haven't seen. Accordingly, no prediction.

great card!

good luck, Bruno, Ben, Big Mario and Clean

Thompson/Wilson will be the fight of the night I feel.

the key word for ticketmaster is ABSOLUTE FIGHTING

Here's the link

Absolute Fighting Championship



Hermes left ATT?


Another exciting card for AFC

Should be great