Finally a show on TV worth watching!!! (Vid)

Bully Beatdown Trailer (leaked)

 LOL! Awesome!

i will watch this..

NOT LETTUCE - i will watch this..

Will you able to fit it in to your work schedule?


 so.. let me get this straight...

someone gets picked on.. they call mayhem he comes to their town.. puts these bullied in a cage with a pro fighter, if they win they get 10,000 (or if they stick with it or something)... if they lose, quit whatever the 10,000 goes to someone else?

SO do these bullies get any kind of pro mma training? is it mma they are fighting? or?

this is as retarded as titos anytown throwdown..

what kinda rep will this give fighting?

meh i guess whatever gets peoples attention!

This looks awesome! Quality programming right here!

It'll give some more mainstream exposure to the mma fighters in the show. It shows that MMA athletes do not support street fighting or using fighting outside of a controlled training/competition environment.

It "enlightens" some of these idiot bullies that they aren't as tough as they think. And it gives some guys that have been bullied a chance at getting revenge on their bullies, without having to go columbine on their asses, as well as a chance to fill their pockets with 10 G's.

I can't wait to watch this. This starts tonight?

"this is as retarded as titos anytown throwdown.."

-queer eye for the straight guy is cool and this is retarded?
WOW what a messed up world we live in.

I think the show looks entertaining and if Mayhem wasnt an MMA fighter, im sure he would probably use boxing or some other contact sport.

I must be retarded because I have my Tivo set to watch this tonight. Reminds me of drunk assh$les at the bars starting fights with unassuming guys who turn out to be fighters and get what's coming to them. Entertainment at its best...

me likey-alot! those kids will still get beat up after mayhem leaves town but at least they will have money to buy steroids or something.

"Bully Beatdown" -- On Like Donkey Kong


This show is now #1 on MTV

I watched it this morning. The shit talking was painfully scripted and delivered, but it was pretty awesome to see a fat asshole get kicked in the gut by a pro.

does anyone know where to find this online?

nevermind.. found a link on another thread

 10 grand is more than most pro fighters get for a fight.

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Bully Beatdown Season 2!