finally restocked on wildsenshi

I'm back from a trip to Japan and can finally restock. I've got the usual
suspects with Pride Japanese side posters in stock and lots of mma
magazines. Some highlights are:

Sakuraba/ Takada "Works" book and DVD set autographed on the cover
by Takada and the man himself, Sakuraba.

For posters I have one each: Bushido 12 poster, new Pride Open Weight
and the 2006 Open Weight 2nd round inverted mountain poster. The
first two are kind of wrinkled because I took them off a subway train
station. I was shocked that the station attendant actually agreed to my
giving him money for them. Ususally in Japan they just say "not for
sale," no matter what I say. I'm thinking of eBaying them in the next
few days. I'll post if I do.

I've also got a question. I've wanted to expand wildsenshi into carrying

pre-ww2 judo, karate, budo books. I have a couple of people who buy
rare books from me but was just curious is that something any of you
would be interested in?

I'll be putting new items on, a few a day, over the next few weeks.

I didnt see the book autgraphed by Takada and Sakuraba.Is it on the site?

The signed "Works" book and some Sakuraba t shirts and more that I'm
forgetting right now are coming on to the site today and tomorrow...I'll be
doing my best to get stuff on over the next week or so.

Thats awesome,I am so tempted to buy it but dont really like the picture.If it was an action shot I would but if for sure.

any older ufc japan stuff? or any ufc?


This link is for lazy people like me!

Thanks Jason.

Sorry Yuma. I only had a UFC Japan poster and magazine and it sold out
before I could even get them on the site. Next time I go to Japan I'll look
for you.

Can you still get Gong Grapple magazine?  Or have they stopped publishing?

I might have just missed them but I didn't see any in Japan this time. :(

what did that japan poster look like? pic?

i get dibs next time on ufc japan stuff? give me a heads up next time. what poster was it?

Yuma, I didn't even take a picture of it. There was Frank, Sak, I think
Tank...It was UFC Japan 1.

You've seen the Bushido 12 poster on eBay, cool.

I'll put in a pic when I can use a pc. It doesn't work with my mac.