First Attempt at Flash

This is my first attempt using flash animation to build a website...It is just a shell so far but what do ya think? I will get better at it..for sure.

Metro Fight Club

So far so good ... when will the links work?

Nice work MM! Looks good.

They work now, there just isnt anything on the pages...You'll notice the page changes though...

I dont want to do the bulk of the work until I am satisfied with the design, which I'm not quite yet......

Thanks, I'm going to keep working at it...I took the music off so it would load faster but it still works if you hit on:)

Anyway, much more to do, plus I dont like the load screen to much yet..

Yep, good ON and OFF option for the music.

DL Rammstein's Der Meister ... good heavy and speed bag music and a cool background if you do a brief Mitsuyo Maeda bio page ;-)

I plan on having the droog page with pics that are clickable to bios...

I will surely include Maeda and Kimura!!

niiiiice. =)

looks real good.

Q, How do you learn all that stuff? Potent.

"How do you learn all that stuff"

trial and error...lots to still do bruz..lots.

looks good

Looks great Q!


Looks very promising. Good work, Q.

Hey Ron, did it with the swish you told me about...Still working on it..

FEW! I was getting worried for a second, I thought there was going to be some bare chested antics to scare the bejesus out of me lol. (ill pass on the spin attempt though)

Nice job though. Very well done for someone just doing "trial and error" kind of stuff. i love the little punching guy haha.