First time ever main event and co-main event...

Featured 4 fighters coming off of losses? I can't think of another time this has happened.


that's weird, i didn't even think of that

it probably is the only time

Good observation. Didn't catch that..........

Funny, it didn't occur to me until after the event had started.

The upcoming UFC Fight Night is headlined by a fight between Nate Diaz (coming off of two losses) and Melvin Guillard (was given a ridiculous gift by the judges in his fight with Gleison Tibau, and should have lost), which just goes to show that you don't need to win fights to get main event spots. You just need to be good at trash talking.

Huerta vs Maynard should be the main event on that card, but even Huerta lost his last fight.

Fighters coming off of losses generally shouldn't get these high-profile fights (at least not THE main event), but Couture vs Nogueira was incredible, so whatever.