First UFC® Gym™to open in Concord, CA

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                                First UFC® Gym™to open in Concord, CA     

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                    <p>The UFC&reg; Octagon&trade; isn&rsquo;t just for fighters anymore. Now, for the first time in the 15-year history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship&reg;, anyone - no matter how young or old &ndash; can experience what it&rsquo;s like to train in the most exciting sport in the world thanks to the launch of the UFC&reg; Gym&trade;.&nbsp; UFC and New Evolution Fitness Company (NEFC) announced today that Concord, California will be the first home to the ultimate fitness destination, one that combines a complete UFC experience with mixed martial arts and fitness.<br />

“We are excited to open our first UFC Gym, it’s going to have something for everyone in the family, from traditional mixed martial arts classes, to all-around fitness classes, personal training and a gym just for kids,” said Dana White, UFC President. “We are going to redefine the fitness industry, and get everyone excited about fitness again, starting with the first UFC Gym in Concord, California.”

NEFC Co-founders, Mark Mastrov and Jim Rowley, both from the East Bay, believe that Concord, CA is the ideal location for the first UFC Gym. “Born, raised and now residing in the East Bay, we wanted our first UFC Gym to be close to home.  This facility will allow us to carefully monitor and fine-tune the UFC Gym concept for future growth and provide our community with fitness training in new dynamic ways,” said Mark Mastrov.

An interactive tour, available through, reveals concepts for the overall layout.  The site also shows classes and schedules, the variety of fitness areas, and the many options for personal training and private mixed martial arts instruction.  Special self-defense classes for women will be available, as well as a “UFC Kids Gym,” a place for children 14 and younger to experience fun and interactive fitness classes of their very own.

While every UFC gym will have the most sophisticated cardio equipment and more than 25-tons of free-weights, it will also have the luxury of spacious locker rooms with dry saunas, and a place to relax for snacks and drinks inside “The Arm Bar”.  Plus an exclusive UFC Gym Store where you’ll find the very latest in UFC apparel and products.

The first UFC Gym enrollment center is set to open on Wed. June 17th and is located at The Willows Shopping Center, 1975 Diamond Blvd in Concord, CA 94520. For additional information, click on

Earlier this year, UFC and NEFC announced a partnership with Welterweight Champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, and Lightweight Champion BJ “The Prodigy” Penn to build “St-Pierre” and “Penn” UFC Gyms, with locations planned for St-Pierre’s native city of Montreal and Penn’s home state of Hawaii.

UFC Gym is the first major brand extension for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the all-time industry leader in the sport of mixed martial arts.  In alliance with NEFC owners Mark Mastrov and Jim Rowley, developers of many of the world’s most successful fitness brands, UFC Gyms will give UFC enthusiasts and fitness seekers alike the opportunity to practice the training techniques of famed UFC athletes, including Georges St-Pierre and BJ Penn in their respective UFC gyms.

UFC Gym is the first to combine the world of mixed martial arts and fitness to create the ultimate fitness experience. For more information, please visit


Thanks UG News, I'm always saying we need more UFC press releases on this forum

Voted down for ignoring Eastern MMA!


Coming to hecka east bayers near you

piratepirate - So... is this going to be more of a fitness gym?

Or an MMA gym?



 I think it's actually a really cool idea...  So many kids are obese these days or on their way to becoming...

This could really do north america a lot of good.

UFC McDojo

Roccy -  I think it's actually a really cool idea...  So many kids are obese these days or on their way to becoming...

This could really do north america a lot of good.

Dana White will do more for the good of America than Obama!


lol @ "The Arm Bar"

nice website

suioryu - UFC McDojo

So now...everybody at the bar will know an armbar, not just me?

(head explodes)

They're supposed to have classes in the MMA subarts, but also Tae Kwon Do, unless they changed the plan.

^Ugh... really?