first xmas in Oz

Merry Christmas to all of you. I would especially like to wish a special blessing to all of my family at Dominance Mixed Martial arts. You have made me and my family a part of your lives, and we are very thankful for your friendship. And to all of the rest of you, thank you for welcoming me into your country. Though I am struggling to get used to 30 plus degree Christmas, I would rather be no where else in the world.

I wish you all the happiness that we have found.

the rev

Hi Rev,

Merry Christmas! Actually, it was kind of cool when I was out with my friends tonight looking at lights around town... but yeah, yesterday was nice! I hope you and everyone else here has a wonderful holiday.


Ive been in Aus 7 years now and still cant get used to hot christmas.

hi Rev ;D

I hope you did the Australian thing and ate a meal that was too hot for the weather and sufered :D

Ofcourse I did.

You know what else, we don't have bon bons, never ever had the joy of snapping a popper, and wearing a stupid hat while telling really dumb jokes. How fun is that?

the rev