Fisticuffs Review


Vol 3 - Flow State Performance Sprial. These two tapes consist of a "conflict" psychology session. While there are a few others that have products out along these lines, none of them show how to turn self empowerment into self depowerement for an opponent.

This section of the series does its job extremely well by breaking the upward and downward performance spirals into easy to understand and apply terms.

I would cover this tape in further detail, but there is so much material presented, you truely need to hear it for yourself to get the full effect.

In closing, Fisticuffs is another outstanding product that delievers a wealth of information in a well presented format. Also the production qualities of the series are top notch.


Fisticuffs: Peak Performance Pugilism

Fisticuffs is the latest offering from Scott Sonnon and consists of four videos that cover three subject areas. These areas are:

  • Vol 1 - Priming Your Bioenergy (1 tape)
  • Vol 2 - Weaponizing Your Architecture (1 tape)
  • Vol 3 - Flow State Performance Spiral (2 Tapes)

Vol 1 - Priming Your Bioenergy. On this volume you are told that the main focus of all ROSS material is integration of breathing, movement, and alignment. You are also told to focus not on technique development; but instead, worry about nontechnical personal practice. In layman's terms, this means don't worry about forming techniques from the material presented on this volume. Instead, just use the drills to better your understanding of how breathing, movement, and alignment interact with oneanother.

From here Scott moves to drills designed to better your knoledge of joint recruitment and increase your range of motion. Some of these drills are presented on other ROSS videos, but new variations and details are given.

At this point, Scott introduces the vibration drills. These drills are designed to help you form a seamless transition from the start and end of an exercise. The drills are broken down into a beginer, intermediate, and advanced format. The difference between the three is the number of breathes that are taken while performing the drills.

Finally is a series of footwork drills. These drills are divided into a 1 step, 2, step, 3 step appraoch. These drills focus on weight transfer, turning, and shuffling.


Vol 2 - Weaponizing Your Architecture. The title refers to the prinicple that the material is not technique based. Instead of learning a few techniques, you are taught how to use your entire body as a weapon.

Out of the series, this tape is the most "trick" based. Scott gives a wealth of physical examples throughout the volume. Prinicples concerning hand, elbow, and forearm strikes are covered. From there you are shown multiple options when it comes to clench work.

The work on this volume covers offensive, defensive, and counteroffensive options. Also demonstrated are drawing and deflection principles.

Ontop of all the physical work shown, there are numerous mental principles and guidleines to training that are covered in great detail.