Fisticuffs Review


After viewing Fisticuffs, I can honestly say that I am
done searching for MA knowledge I always knew ROSS
would provide everything someone would need to bring
them ill disciplined wuss to a reasonalbly competent
competant MAist. While it doesn't seem like much of a
comment to make it is the best I can possible make as
watch students of other arts reproducing techniques
after techniques wondering why they don't do well
blaming the teachers, the conditions,other students,
second guessing themselves. When I was training in my
other school I would have difficulty with the mindless
following of examples trying to look just like other
people make things look pretty and so on. I remember
one time I told one of the instructors that on my own
I was playing around with my own form using the
movements that I have learned he said that I wasn't
good enough to create my own forms and that it took
the grandmaster
years to come up with new forms. He was right I was
not skilled enough to make my own form, but only
because I lacked a platform, principles, and the
freedom to explore. This last series really made the
circle complete for me. I can see how one use the ROSS
system to take anyone that has the brains, will, and imagination and
teach them to be a complete MAist which would make thier life easier
more enjoyable for the rest of their life!

Quite powerful!

Thanks for continueing to make this information

Dani'l Chomycia