Fitch Gif Request

I'm not saying the Fitch Silva fights is one of the best ever. But it is one of my all-time favorites.

I've long been a Fitch defender and fan, and that Jon Fitch of all people brought an entire bar to its feet with his grinding wrestling centric style brought me real joy. The fight included technical skill, beautiful violence, heart, will, and close moments.

Any GIF of Fitch between rounds 2-3 rousing the Brazilian crowd? Thanks in advance.

I don't have the gif to help you out but I agree with your OP 100%. I'm another long time Fitch fan, and this fight was what I always hope for before his fights. Phone Post


Definitely a long-time Fitch fan.  This fight was probably his best ever, and I loved it the entire time.  Definitely deserved FOTN, and I think it should've been stopped about a dozen different times in the third round, Fitch completely broke Silva.

Thanks. Reminded me a bit of Anderson before the 5th with Chael and BJ before the 5th with Diego (though nothing will ever top that; except maybe Diaz before the 3rd with Cerrone).

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You da man, Caposa!