FIVE Grappling announce 2015 Schedule

Great to see you come to Texas four times in 2015!!!

Is the two day format intended to be gi one day, no gi the other or kids one day, adults the other?

I only compete for Six Grappling. Phone Post 3.0

@budwhite, we normally do Adults Saturday both Gi and No Gi, than kids on Sunday Gi and No Gi. But we might be adding another element to our events to be announced soon ;)


Nice,great tourney Phone Post 3.0


TTT Phone Post 3.0

Why no Canadian dates Phone Post 3.0

1armedScissor, we are working hard on coming back to Canada, will announce soon if we can or not for sure.

How come there are no Arizona dates Phone Post 3.0


Nice to see you guys are giving Norcal some love. Looking forward to the San Francisco Five Grappling tournament.

New York as in NYC? Or someplace else in the state?

@stimbox, we are exciting to come to Norcal finally

@Matthew Godden we are shooting for NYC