Florian's Play-By-Play

Florian; as a fighter, as a competitor, as a general student of the sport, has a wealth of insight and information to give in the play-by-play as has been displayed beautifully tonight. This is something that I feel is extremely lacking in the commentary department of the UFC during general Pay-Per-View, I.E. Rogan/Goldie broadcasts. Not to say that Rogan or Goldberg are bad, but they specialize especially in color and entertainment.

Personally, I would like a three man team. Florian doing the general play-by-play, providing on point observation of exactly what's happening as it happens. Rogan giving a deeper insight into the technique and possible outcomes of situations as well as his own personal flavor and insight. Lastly, Goldie handling the stats, background for fighters, and general announcing while leaving out his often awkward and mistaken calling of action during the fights themselves.

I've seen a lot of bashing and debate over the years over announcing and the ideal candidates for the team, but I feel that this is a happy and realistic medium between professionalism and entertainment as I have been especially impressed with the ability of Florian after tonight. Of course, I respect your right to call me a faggot. So, is this needed, are the things fine as they are, or is there some better alternative?

I agree but 3's a crowd. I think I remember him predicting an upa sweep by Pepey that materialized exactly on time tonight.

slowdiver - I agree but 3's a crowd. I think I remember him predicting an upa sweep by Pepey that materialized exactly on time tonight.

He sure did.

Florian-Goldie is always more enjoyable than Rogan-Goldie. Rogan makes Goldie sound awkward whereas Florian doesn't. Not sure that having all three at once would be better than any combination of the two though.

Reed Rothchild -
UnderTheClock -

Goldie and Rogan fit the lower element. Anik and Florian appeal to a more intelligent audience. So Goldie and Rogan are staying.

Yup... Bellator still has the best announcing crew IMHO Phone Post 3.0

I can't stand the belkator guys. Mainly because of the one dude's voice (stoned and can't remember name). Phone Post

I would be the worst commentator ever. I say the phrases "god damn" and "worst ever" way too much.

This may seem strange but the Facebook fights used to have no commentary.. and I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed just watching a fight and hearing all the sounds as if I were there watching..

I like him.
That said, he doesn't do well in the play by play department, In my most most most humble opinion Phone Post

tatooedMillionaire - I mute Florian

and especially Anik
So you have a mute button on your remote and an "especially mute" button?

Cool! Phone Post 3.0