Florida BJJ Classic

Feb 23rd is the LAST DAY to register for Florida's 1st Federation tournament of 2010! Go to floridabjj.org NOW!!!
$ 65 fee good for Gi & No Gi divisions! Event sutpported by every major BJJ organization in the State.

 Web site says Feb 25th is the deadline?

it was just extended to 25th

Almost time. This is going to be a great tune up for the pan ams.

 See you guys Sunday!

LAST CHANCE!!! Registration deadline finishes Thu @ 11:59 ET. Go to floridabjj.org, online registration ONLY! FLORIDA BJJ CLASSIC to be held in Orlando Feb 28, the first International Federation snctioned event of 2010, don't miss it!!!!!

A few hours left to register. Brand new mats are in for this one.

ttt for a great tournament! Anything Buzzbjj is affiliated with is good!


The tournament was nice except the screw up with my son. He was 12 and he got put in the age division up from his so he had to go against a three years older. He had about a foot and half in hight on my son. So now my son feels he got screwed in this tournament due to the kids he should have went with he would have fared better with. The ref even tried to get something done but it was to late his age group and weight class had already went. And before someone says something about why I didn't step in when looking at the brakets the braket showed weight class only it didn't say kids or teens. His weight class was the 140 pound class. And from the charts afterward that class was for teens and the kids was up to 154 I do not know how the mix up happened one offical said the registration had to have been wrong but it year of birth and weight class white or blue belt only choices.

Sorry for the problem, but as I explained to your instructor: Online registration was solely done for the event. When signing up, each competitor must ensure they pick the proper brackets. If a competitor enters the wrong information on the computer, I have no way of knowing. To help in the future, Online registration will end three days prior to the event. The divisions will be posted the next day. All competitors will have to check the website to ensure they picked the proper division, if not they will email to corrections asap. This will strictly follow the international federation procedures. This will not allow for any changes the day of the event. It will be the responsiblitly of each competitor to ensure they entered their information properly. Again sorry for the confusion, but the new changes will prevent any discrepancies on the part of the federation. Thanks for your support.

Didn't enter the wrong information year of birth weight and belt white nothing else to enter. So how was the information entered wrong? birthday in 1997 weight 130-140. So how was the information I put in Wrong?

 Great event, Mike.  Thanks.