Florida BJJ Classic

Florida Federation of BJJ presents 2010 FLORIDA BJJ CLASSIC to take place in Orlando on Feb 28th. Gi & No-Gi divisions, kids, teens & adults! Pre-registration coming soon!!! Support your State Federation and help BJJ grow in Florida!

Keep me updated!

Sounds good, let me know when you have some posters and well get those up.  Will def have some guys there, unless breakit shows then we might boycott.

 I'll be there unless Rodribs shows up.  Then I will boycott!

 How about a Master's division?

Attention all FL BJJers: registration for the 2010 FLORIDA BJJ CLASSIC, presented by the Florida Federation is up and running. Go to floridabjj.org. Event sanctioned by the International Federation of BJJ. Gi & No-Gi Divisions. Let's all support 2010 first official event!!!

 I saw weight and age divisions.  What about skill level?  Nothing on the site.

 Any flyers or posters you might be able to drop off?


I will get some and drop them off to you at your place.

 Sounds good Mike.  What's the cost-do we have to pay an association fee as well?


 Buzz, thanks man.

 Thanks again man! I couldnt find info on No Gi divisions though.  Do you guys have Novice through Advance? I had 4 or 5 new guys heading to Boca on the 13th that would wait for this if so. 

Hey Rod,

there is novice and advanced. there is 3 weight divisions in each skill level. When you click on the no gi tab on the registration page it will open the drop down boxes. I am still getting used to the new website.

Hey Florida BJJ'ers, only 21 days to register for the State's 1st official tournament!
Registration fee is $ 65, good for both Gi & No Gi divisions (no-gi for adults only).
Keep in mind this is a Florida Federation event, sanctioned by the International Federation of BJJ!!!
Go to floridabjj.org for info, see you all there!!!

On behalf of the Florida Federation of BJJ, I'd like to thank all the schools/instructors who are massively supporting one more Federation event and making our sport grow in the State of Florida!!!

Feb 23rd is the last day to register for Florida Federation's 1st officila event of 2010!
Go to FLORIDABJJ.ORG Don't miss it, $ 65 fee gets in and GI & NO GI divisions!

9 days left to register for this event! Registration online ONLY by Feb 23rd!!!

By the way... ALL BLACKBELTS COMPETE FOR FREE IN THE GI DIVISIONS. Any blackbelt wanting to compete only needs to shoot me an email at info@floridabjj.org or floridajjfed@hotmail.com. You can also sign up at the event (just hunt me down)

...and there is the sound of 1,000 10 year old taekwondo Black Belts showing up............

thanks Buzz

TacFighter - ...and there is the sound of 1,000 10 year old taekwondo Black Belts showing up............

thanks Buzz

 Everybody run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!