Floyd Mayweather is brilliant; his fights are masterpieces

I did not appreciate Floyd when he was actively fighting, thought he was boring. But now that I understand boxing a bit more, I realise what a genius this guy was. A true master!

His fights are technical masterclasses. Now that I am re-watching them, they are so entertaining and interesting. It’s fascinating; his opponents fought a ghost. They start well, full of energy, seemingly winning, but they are just punching air. Then he starts taking over and landing. In the end, he is in full control, frustrating his opponents, and often making them resort to using dirty moves. Something that does not get mentioned often about Floyd is his speed. He was really, really quick.

His boxing technique, his Philly Shell was incredible. Master of boxing technique, tactics, everything. It’s beyond impressive how he fought at the very top level and won till his late 30s.

But it’s not surprising . What I love the most about Floyd is his iron discipline and focus. He never forgot what mattered to him the most, and never let anything corrupt him, despite living in the city of temptations.

Tyson, McGregor, Jones, once these guys found success and fame, they let all the drugs, all the booze, all the parties get to them, flow through them and corrupt their essence. It penetrated them like radiation, flowed though them, and corrupted their inner core, that sphere in the center of you that defines you. Floyd never let that happen, never forgot what is the most important thing to him. I love the stories of him partying and having his champagne bottles filled with water, getting out of a club, changing into runners and going for a run. Despite all the parties, despite all the money, flash, and the Bugattis, Floyd never forgot what made Floyd and what he truly loves: His art of Boxing.

All these guys have documentaries about them titled “The rise and fall of so, and so”, but with Floyd, it’s just “Rise”. No story of a downfall.

And despite what the majority believe, I think Floyd is a really nice person. People love concentrating on the negative. His money persona was for marketing, which worked brilliantly, but whenever he dropped the mask, the guy was humble, decent person.

And now he get to enjoy the fruits of his labour with his family.



Agree 100%. It’s a shame the Manny fight didn’t come together sooner, because he was probably the only boxer that could have made it competitive.

I used to dislike Mayweather and almost always rooted for the other guy. Eventually it was impossible to deny the skill and character.


I found him very annoying until I started boxing, then I started to appreciate just how damn good he was defensively, and how good he was at countering. Until I started training I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about boxing.

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unfortunately he will never read the nice things you said about him


Good fighter but ducked Margarito and probably lost to Castillo the first time.

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Oh you’re good. You’re damn good

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Took me a while to come round but yeah what Floyd did was amazing.

When he started playing safe he lost me for a bit but he had $$$ and history on the line his defence was impregnable.

he’s like a little hen pecker, a little pick pocket,

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Couldnt stand floyd for years, but he is truly a master of his craft.

Ppl accused him of cherry picking, but his resume is extensive and stellar. Ppl often bring up him waiting for manny to be old, look at the guys he beat after the floyd match.

Ppl accused him of beating an inexperienced canelo, again look at the career before and after.

Maidana and castillo did give him problems and he could have lost those fights but they werent robberies.

Some of the punches he avoids, it doesnt seem physically possible, canelo said it was like fighting a ghost.

Best defensive/counter punching boxer of all time by some way.

He was a key reason that I stopped following boxing. I got tired of watching guys dance and run around, instead of fighting.

You left out the part where he went to jail for domestic violence.

There’s a funny clip where a fighter explains it feels like sparring when you fight Mayweather.


He talked about floyd seeing everything. Missing punches and hes off to the side of you still maintaining eye contact

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Floyd is the equivalent of a red belt in boxing, imo

He is a true master at what he does

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Y’all remember when all the MMA experts didn’t even realize that Floyd carried and toyed with Conor? :laughing:

“He gave Mayweather his toughest match ever!”

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Yes. Berto imitates Floyd by opening his routes super wide, saying Floyd is defense first

He did some truly amazing stuff.

A lot of it would look boring when watching the fight live.

Then, you’d go back and rewatch it or see slo-mo clips and pick up on some wizard looking shit that you missed the first time around.

I remember all the casual fans watching him fight Manny were pissed because they didn’t realize how he fought

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