Floyd Mayweather TRAPPING?

I was watching the Mayweather/Judah fight last night, and I noticed something VERY unorthodox.

Zab is fighting southpaw, and Mayweather is fighting orthodox. So far so good.

Zab is out-timing Mayweather in the first 5 rounds.

Around the 6th round Mayweather started getting his rhythm, throwing low crosses to Zab's body.

But Mayweather was doing something I've NEVER seen before in a boxing match.

Mayweather would jab, and Zab would shield. Mayweather would LEAVE his jabbing hand on Zab's shielding arm, then throw the low cross!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. First of all, I thought it was bad boxing. But Mayweather kept nailing Zab over and over again with the low cross to the body. I thought "why the heck doesn't Zab just throw a lead hook?"

Well, he couldn't because his arm was TRAPPED. Yep, I said it. Mayweather had trapped Floyd's lead arm with his lead jab. It looked weird, since Mayweather was basically leaving both arms out there, but there it was.

The technique was very unorthodox, but he trapped the arm nonetheless.

I can't wait for the first clueless moron to jump on here and say "so you're saying Mayweather trains wing chun?"



I was gonna post that, but I don't think you'll care about the second clueless moron....

Old school boxing trick :)

I knew a boxer years ago who loved to do this. It's great strategy for boxing and MMA. You can trap the arm to the body then shoot in too.


I'm shocked!! Of all the people I thought who'd say it, I never thought it'd be you.


2nd place is first loser. ;)


I actually learned a similar technique from Paulson a few years back. Very difficult to defend against, because you just don't expect to get "hit" on the arm.

But you prove my point exactly: trapping is not a "style." It is a concept, which is beyond style.

I feel bad for anyone who was led to believe (either by bad instruction or by themselves) that trapping only occured in wing chun/kali. Time to move on though. :)

Paulsen got a lot of these techniques from his days in the Inosanto
Academy. Trapping is not the be all end all, but if you can apply the
FMA hubud drills as a method of offense instead of reactionary
defense, then you have a valuable tool in your skill set

But, doesn't trapping only occur in wing chun/kali?

Sorry... just wanted someone to feel bad for me. :)

Yeah, I saw Paulson do this at a seminar before too. It's VERY tough to defend against.

video clip?

"It's VERY tough to defend against."

Exactly. I used it several times against a savate sparring partner. It was always jab/low cross, but would switch up the low cross to trap his lead arm, to set up either the high lead hook, or lead fouette bas. Poor guy never knew what was coming when.

At some point he was so exasperated he said "HEY! Is that even LEGAL??" LOL!!

Been in boxing since the clap of creation...

But, you can't hold it too long, or be to "showy" with it or the ref will
call you for holding and hitting -- which in the sport of boxing is a no-

Trapping is not a "concept" it is a tactic... And it is not bound by particular style or technique...


I have said it before, I trap all the time: overhook, underhook, etc.

I doesn't have to be a paksao to count as a trap.

"I have said it before, I trap all the time: overhook, underhook, etc.

I doesn't have to be a paksao to count as a trap."

Amen to that!

Hey, I like pak sao!


I noticed that, too. I thought it was cool that Floyd did it.

I do a similar thing I learned from Scott Ferreira (not that I'm PBF) in Muay Thai sparring where I catch or parry my opponents jab, "slap" his right hand down, and hit him with a right cross.