Floyd’s legacy is tarnished

Exactly lol

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Ok. I’m out of this troll thread. Well I at least hope it is

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The genius boxing IQ that can adapt to any situation was stumped by the defensive skills of Logan Paul. Lol.

The denial is strong. Paul humiliated Mayweather.

“Kids cant eat legacy” “Legalized Bank Heist” “dont care if you write a good story or a bad story”

the guy knows what he is doing and is laughing all the way to the bank. Easiest money ever made next to the Conor fight

Only in the eyes of people who dont know a fucking thing about any combat sports past or present.

I don’t think he “let” the fights go on. I think he would have finished Paul and McGregor if he could have, but he couldn’t.

His record should be tarnished though. He sold the entire sport of boxing down the river for some cash when he took the Paul fight.

Mayweather laughing all the way to the bank.Next fight Paul needs to fight someone his weight and similar age

No. He finished 49-0 vs boxers, and then made some carnival money.

That is how it will be remembered.

He did finish Conor didn’t he,TKO late? I believe it was also a judged fight? Been so long I don’t remember. I know this Paul fight had no judges so he could let it go the distance and NOT lose in a decision

Yep. Chaching!!!

Nothing Floyd could do from here on out would damage his legacy.

He threw in a few fights for shits, gigs, and a boatload of cash at the end is all.

This is a classic case of “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Anybody in combat sports this side of Khabib would have raked in this last debacle if they had the clout.

It is.

Edit: meant to quote rushinbear

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Chael is a felony fraud and career drug cheat. Who gives a fuck what that cunt says

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