Focus Mitt Instructional DVD

I remember seeing here a while ago someone posted an insturctional DVD that one of the Mayweathers did with focus mitts. It was the same way and routine that Floyd trains with (So it was probably Rogers instructional). Anyone know the name of it or where I could pick it up?, I think it's the "Mastering the Mitts" DVD. You could call their 800 number to verify.

thx for the response todd

Yep, it's Ringside's "Mastering the Mitts."

The DVD features several trainers with different routines. I think Mayweather's segment is about 20 min. Raw footage, he talks you through it but isn't the most articulate chap out there. You'll get the idea though.

It's only like $10, can't lose really.


other suggestions for focus mitt dvds?

Freddy Roach has a good one with Title Boxing.