Folder for EMT/Medic/FIreFighter

What do you guys carry for that purpose. Ive been looking at the Emerson SARK. I already own 3 emersons and love them.


When I was a firefighter I carried a Leatherman
tool. That was before the Leatherman "Wave" was
on the market, the "Wave" would be even better
because you have a serrated sheepsfoot blade
that you can open without unfolding the pliers. I
filed the point off of the blade on my Leatherman
so it would be safer for cutting seatbelts. The tools
helped me take apart stuff for doing extractions,
turning on O2 if the wrench was missing, etc. You
can also use it to open a locked car door by letting
it protrude from the bottom of your fist and striking
the window in the normal spot. It works as well as
a spring loaded center punch but not as good as
an axe for busting out the car window. I usually
wore work gloves instead of Turnout gloves at a
TC if there was no fire involved. I kept a spare
sheath on the tabs of the turnout trousers and
would transfer it to that when I was in turnouts.
When In wildlands gear I kept it in yet another
spare sheath on the web gear. I got the spare
sheaths from Atlanta Cutlery, I think. I know that you
can get them from Leatherman as well. Of course
you know to get leather ones not Nylon.


Thanks for the input, GrandpaB.

I havent carried a leatherman since i was in the service. Ill check them out and see what they have nowadays.


Are you talking tac-folder type folder, or multitool-type folder?

S&W makes a nice one with a graphite glass punch. I saw one where the tip is not just blunted, but it's a screwdriver. With an "active glass punch" on a spring on the back.

Spyderco makes the Mariner, Cold Steel has some "land-sea" knife or something, they're both apparently rescue knives. They're serrated, and the point doesn't accidentally stick in someone by accident 'cuz, well, there ain't none.

I have a Spyderco Rescue, it is like the Mariner but
has a plastic (zytel?) handle. They also now
produce a version that has a slightly shorter blade
with the same sheepsfoot style like is used on the
mariner and rescue. Spyderco makes great knives
I have several and carry a Spyderco almost all the
time now. I have worked with firefighters that used
the S&W and it is a good knife. My hands down
favorite is still the Leatherman though. There are
two main reasons (1) you have a bunch of extra
tools (2) Even though you are a rescuer when you
whip out a blade that is 3" long someone who is
already hurting is even more traumatized. For a
long time I carried a Buck 110 folding hunter
because there wasn't much else available then.
When we started getting choices I tried other stuff
and the leatherman just proved to be the best for