Folliculitis/Staph question?

Wassup guys, I train NO-GI and GI BJJ at my school, a day or so after my last class, last thursday, i had a breakout on my arm and chin, at first i thought it was a mosquito bite then it got worse, I went to the doctor and he said i have a form of staph and prescribed me Bactroban Cream (Topical Antibiotic)

Is there anything i should be worried about or any tips on how to take care of it for the healing process? I am going to take a few weeks off class before i go back to make sure i don't give it to anyone, good thing i caught it early i guess, have any of you guys experienced this? I had ringworm a month or two ago on my leg as well.

I make sure to take a shower before and after class and still seem to pick-up this stuff, Maybe my club doesn't wash the mats good enough, or it could of been someone i was rolling with?

Thanks for any help

U have Imphantigo (sp?)

I get it all the time.

How do you usually treat it, and how long does it usually take to go away?

Anyone dealing with ringworm or other skin infections should try Xango - a mangosteen product. Mangosteen is a fruit that grows in Asia. The plant chemicals called "xanthones" which are found in the mangosteen have been university studied for over 20 years. These xanthones have very powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Xango has the highest concentration of xanthones of any mangosteen supplement on the market due to a patented extraction process. If anyone would like to know more about this product, email me at
Dennis Stull, DC CSCS

P.S. A university study showed that a specific xanthone found in the mangosteen killed Methicillin-resitant staph aureus or MRSA, an antibiotic resistant strain of staph


Hey Kalibah,

Sorry to hear about the infection, man. Do you wear long sleeve rash guards when rolling no-Gi?

And yes, it is definitely because you club does not wash the mats well. You should probably let the owner/coach know...

I wear an undershirt, tshirt and sprawl shorts, i've been looking into rashguards

rash guards do not protect against staph.

I wear a suit of armor.

On a serious note, isn't Xango a juice? How would that help?

It's spelled impetigo, just FYI.

Regarding staph infections -- make sure it goes completely away and follow the directions from the doctor carefully. Staph has a nasty habit of coming back if not completely killed. I've had staph twice and both times it took almost a month of multiple antibiotics to make it really go away.

As far as getting it - it usually gets in through an opening in the skin. In my case I got it once through mat burn on my elbow. I know another person who got it on his face cause he shaved before going to train. But I also know of instances where there was no explainable reason for the staph appearing.

I'm a little surprised they only gave you the cream and no pills, but maybe it's since you got it so early. Just keep an eye on it - it can spread REALLY quickly.

Tea tree oil

staph is no joke...10 days of antibiotics is standard from what I hear if it is subcutaneous. Take it seriously.

Thanks guys, i just got some antibacterial body wash too for my postworkout shower

DennyStull is probably correct. I don't have first hand experience with ringworm and Xango, but it would be worth a shot. I've seen it have powerful impact on other issues and the research is there to support the mangosteen.

But there are always a few people here who support unproven allopathic medicine products. With all the ringworm threads on the ug, I'm very surprised big pharma hasn't developed a vaccination for ringworm. Who cares if we sacrifice a few fighters in order to save all the rest from ringworm. Besides, the ringworm-like symptoms from the vaccines shouldn't be quite as severe as real ringworm. Some of the lots will not provide immunity, but hey, nothing's perfect. Maybe we shouldn't vaccinate the children of fighters until after age 3 so that they might have some way of dealing with the heavy metals.

Staph is no joke. See your md if you think you have it. Get a second opinion if it gets worse. If it gets hot, swollen, and lines moving away from the area, go to ER.

To prevent ringworm, make sure to have clean mats, gi's, people, etc. Don't roll with anybody who stinks badly or who has big skin lesions that you know about. Take a hot shower immediately after workouts. there are antifungal soaps that probably help, since ringworm is a fungal infection.

"There's always at least one person on threads like this that swears by some unproven, holistic medicine product". Allow me to educate you. First, the xanthones found in mangosteen have more research behind them than any pharmacutical drug you could think of - just do a search on PubMed. Second, and more importantly, pharmacutical drugs that have been properly prescribed by physicians kill 150,000-180,000 people every year, plus hundreds of thousands more are harmed. I am blown away by the fact that people rip on natural health care and at the same time have no problem going to the doctor to get a prescription filled, when these medications have multiple side effects including death. How many people in this country are taking multiple medications for chronic health conditions without a study ever being done to show the interaction of these medications in the body. Talk about "unproven". It is sad, Americans think that a natural part of the aging process includes things like heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes, etc. and that it is normal to go on medications to address the symptoms of these problems, without even considering the potential harm.

We had an issue where I roll so a couple of us started showing up early and mopping the mats with a 10% Bleach solution. You could stay after class and mop too I guess.

If they gave you Bactroban it is probably impetigo, this is usually found with little kids but you can get it from being a sweaty guy rolling around on a mat too.

I had it a few weeks ago and you will be surprised how fast it goes away using that cream, lamisil and the others won't do anything to get rid of it, I know from experence. Don't be surprised if it is completely gone in two to three days.

clean the mats with a bleech solution

I agree with everything Ring Girl had to say.

I have had it twice, 1st time very severe and the 2nd one not so much.

Serious crap if not treated. I have some serious scars from it and towards the end started getting very sick and started a fever.

You should REALLY MAKE SURE they do a culture, to make sure they give you the RIGHT antibiotic. The first one they gave me didn't work.