Foods before BJJ?

Just trying to get an idea of what you guys eat before training, and how long before class do you guys usually eat? Phone Post

Acai or a banana about an hour before. Phone Post

Pizza if I'm passing, kimchi and rice if playing guard. Phone Post

Bojangles. Period. Phone Post

doesnt matter what i eat im just gonna puke it up anyway


LOL @ Bojangles Phone Post

Zone bar Phone Post

Cliff bar, water and coffee or tea is the best combo for me Phone Post

I started training seriously about the same time I registered and joined this forum. However, they changed the forum and my membership date shows the date of the change, if I remember correctly and not the date I actually changes - or something like that.

And yes, I used to eat before BJJ.

Some Watermelon about an hour before training.

Got that tip from Maguella on the Mousel boards yeeears ago and it's been great advice.

Raw steak. To get in the killing mode. Phone Post

If it's not acai you're not legit... Oss Phone Post

I eat stillborn fetuses. Great source of protein.

typically i will eat a hand full of chest hairs. This will usually prepair me for that end of class roll. You know the one where that guy lays on your faec and you are out of energy? Yea, well.... no more getting subbed with a sweaty chest full of hair to the face..Once I eat that mouthful of hair at home half the battle is won IMO

A whole chicken an hour before class with some OJ Phone Post

Banana or zone bar and some caffeine. Phone Post

Fight Milk

My enemy's children !!

Before - Sweet potatoes, chicken breast and spinach
After - Banana, whey protein Phone Post