Foot Lock Defense and Cross Grip Series

A couple videos I made, hope there is something of benefit. If you want to see some more techniques come join our facebook page, Redzovic Bros. Peace

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Foot Lock Defense:

Cross Grip from Closed Guard:

Excellent basics on defense!

Great technique!

Thanks brother

If you would like to see any technique in particular let me know, I will do my best to give you my prospective on it. Show us some support by joining our facebook or youtube channel, thanks

Can you post up you FB link, pls?

We have a great article on hygiene and ringworm on our page, you are welcome to print it and post it in your academy, it wont scare anyone away from training, but can help educate

Love the cross grip sequence. It's one of my best attacks from the guard. Very precise and clear instruction!!!

thanks brother

I LOVED the foot lock defense video. Awesome.


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Hi, nice videos.

regarding the foot lock defense video. I see the defense is mostly when the attacker lies on the same side as the foot he attacks. does the defense change if he attacks like at 0.25 sec in the video? In that case do you want to force him to the side as the defense technice, or would that be giving him better position?

PS what is the best side to lie on when attacking the foot?

very nice cross grip boy and I are drilling it now and i've had a little success with it rolling already

123qwe, I will try to make another video covering some transitions form that position. Irishcarbomb21 thanks for the feedback brother