foot position / lead hook

When doing a lead hook ( Im a southpaw, so using the right hook ), what should be the position for the rear foot?? I was shadow boxing the other day, and noticed that my rear foot was turned the same rotation as the front, ( almost sideways ) which seemed to leave my side exposed. Thanks !!

stay firmly planted on the back leg and kind of rotate around. imagine a ball tied by a length of rope to a pole being flund around. your hand is like the ball, let yourself swivel around the back foot. dont pivot on it, it should already be in place for the punch and needs to be solidly on the ground.

Hate to interject here, coz I don't disagree what's been posted and I ain't the best boxing pro, but I'm a southpaw too and use my hook a lot.

I been thinking about it a lot and i think your stance is too narrow. By that, i mean, even if your feet are far enough apart, you're probably not squared up enough on your opponent to be throwing the "textbook hook". Having your stance somewhat square to the opponent is why most don't lead with the hook, instead throwing another shot or 2 to sneak in squaring up on the opponent to throw the hook.

When your stance isn't square enough, and somewhat on the same line shooting out from your opponent, you'll find that your back foot may need to pivot to get enough hip torque for the corkscrew that is the hook.

I suggest one of the following:

keeping it that way & going faster like the 2nd poster said;

squaring up more on your opponent full time (which may really affect your tactics, defense, and power);

or finding a way to sneak the squared up stance in on your opponent using one or more of the following methods:

stepping out to a more squared stance while throwing a jab, then quickly following with the hook

throwing the 1-2, using the cross to square up, then quickly following up with the hook

bobbing/weaving under an orthodox jab (or southie cross) to square up

or using a fake to throw a quick square-up step before you throw the hook.

Like I mentioned, i'm not the best boxing pro, but my southpaw hook's probably my best weapon and I thought whether or not this worked for you, at least i'd try throwing the idea out there.

Excellent info!!Thanks ....