Foot Work and Head Movement Drills

After getting popped real good quite a few times in sparring last night, I've finally admitted that I need to break down and work on my footwork and head movement. Anyone got any ideas for good drills to help me keep my schnoz intact?

Hey Martin,

Some technical advice would be nice in addition to the mindset. I'm trying to clean off a few years of rust and my movement just isn't what it used to be. I was hoping for maybe a few drills just to help me "remember" my defense again.

BTW-- I think I'll try that humming next time I'm sparring. That's really interesting.

Thanks for the tips.

Whoops, so there are, Martin. This new look is throwing me for a loop.

Thanks nonetheless.

After taking some time off I found a big problem
wasn't so much that I didn't know HOW to move my
head, but rather it wasn't automatic anymore. Somthing that helped me a lot was whenever I was shadowboxing I'd add a round of just defense in between. Later on, I did just defense during the rest period between rounds. It got me used to slipping and staying evasive unconsiously.

I always find that regular intervals on the double end bag keeps my head and shoulders in that twitchy stage where I feel strange if my head quits moving.