? for Jeff and Cecil

OK I just watched the Bisbing and Hamill fight again on Spike TV. What fight were you two watching? The score you gave was correct but for the wrong fighter. It is clear that round 1 and round 2 went to Mark. Round 3 was close but Michael won the round. I would like to know from the two of you how you came up with your score. I turned the sound off and only watched the fight. I did not get up and go to the frig, I did not go and take a leak, and I was not talking to anyone. I have judged many regional MMA and Kickboxing fights over the past 10 years. I know that I have not judged the level of fights that you two have, but you missed this one. Just admit it.



go back to lurking.

STFU dumbass. If only the professionals knew as much as you do from that awesome viewpoint on your couch. Get over it alreay Bisping won rounds 2 and three, which means he won the fight.

Good call by those two judges. By the way, the first time I saw it live I thought Hamill won too, but have watched it twice since then and they are right. Get over it, move on, find something else to whine about.

You mean rounds one and two went to MATT not MARK. Matt "The Hammer" Hammil was robbed.