--For Kyle Bradley ---


I really thought you had the fight won against Guilliard, keep your head up...thats the best I have ever seen you fight. Props to Guilliard for survivng your sub attempts and coming back.

Here's a shot for you.....let us know your thoughts on the fight.

Guys, please help me keep this up for Kyle (Best Hair in the Sport) Bradley


And another

Shouldnt have cut my hair !

I mistakenly put the rocky picture here....Unfortunately I got the shot right after the blow landed.


when I said I fought like shit, I meant a couple of things. First I had been sick, but really wanted this win, so I wasnt going to pull out. I felt great the day of, besides a hole in my ear drum, until the fight actually started. At about 3 and a half minutes I am in his gaurd and I realize I couldnt throw punches because my body was just worn out. I wasnt winded, just couldnt explode or anything. I am sure this was from nearly 2 weeks of inactivity before the fight, but like I said, I felt great the day of so I didnt think it would be a problem.

Secondly, when I say I fought like shit, I did the absolute OPPOSITE what my gameplan was. I eat mofos up standing up, but for somre reason I committed to body locking and taking Melvin down first chance I got. Clementi drills it into for a month before the fight, "stay tight with your standup, work the first round, youll catch him and hurt him in the second"

What do I do? I jab, body lock, get whizzered and snag that armbar in the transition right off the bat. Anyway, live and learn and I am banging my next fight till one of us drops.

Oh thanks Russ for the support bro, I always enjoy seeing you at the fights and I always love looking at your pics. I can see now that Calvin Martin pic coming up over and over again when someone wants to see weird MMA pics:)

Rocky threw that punch like he was slinging a baseball or something. He came from DOWN TOWN and POW!!!!!!!!

Jarrett is tough and very skilled though, he will be back.

Rocky is alot of fun to watch fight too. That was a great night of fights. The Fisher-Prater and the Leben-Doerkson fight were baddass. Carlo said that he felt like he had to be careful with Spencer so he really didnt open up as much, but man I love watching him work like that because he is SOOOO skilled and so smooth with what he is doing. Like he never makes a mistake in the ring.

Hey Kyle,

So when you fighting again ? By the way , make sure you hold your mouse cursor over your second picture for a second :)


BWAH! I have been thinking about growing my hair out again.

I dont know when I am fighting again. Right now we are getting everyone ready for their fights this coming weekend at Reality Combat in NO.

LOL @ my finger toes. They were making fun of them the other week.

Bone I tried to call you this weekend after I got your message.



hey kiiroino ;)

hey hun :)