For OMA (After the afterparty!)

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Stop trying to ride OMA's coattails

no shit...was that saturday?

right after the fight. LOL

Post the pic taken five feet to the left and I'll promise to forget the name OMA for the rest of my life.

nice...dude u definitely live the dream

Chuck looks so uncomfortable in that pic

That's a funny pic~

i can't see shit?

no can see...


Trust me, Chuck wasnt uncomfortable. What do you think, I made him
give me his belt and let me in suite and take a naked pic with me?

im glad i cant see this pic.

nice romoshop Chack whould never be involved with teh ghey

All I see is a link for


story please

yes. im a fucking jedi Photoshop user! LOL

Bad Apple has the force big time.


tf? p!

All i see is a couple of honeys about to get dealt with.

Just talked to OMA on the phone and he said he's got some crazy stories when he gets back, said he hung out with alot of fun people and spoke highly of Mr. Apple. I think he lost his camera which is probably good news for alot of people, LOL.