For those who say that gi helps no

For those who said that gi training helps with no-gi. Why?

makes ur more technical and when u take GI off u fly.Thats what Ive been told anyways

The argument sounds good, but wouldn't even gi guys say that training no gi will specifically improve your no gi game more than training in the gi with grip options, sweeps and submissions that do not work in no gi. Or do some of you believe that doing sweeps from feet on biceps spider guard makes you a better at sweeps in general than goind no gi sweeps from, for instance, butterfly guard?

how does it make you more technical?

Gi makes you more technical because it's alot harder to "muscle" BJJ moves and submissions with the gi. I don't necessarily beleive that cross training with gi and no gi is a must but they're pretty much two different games.

From what i seen,no gi uses more strenght,less subs,faster pace,hard to get caught.With the gi on ,I seen a smaller person able tap the larger person. but the match up without gi,the larger person was able to last the whole match,no gi easy,less skill.The gi is just harder.

Good answer about why it makes you more technical phillybjjchick. I never thought of that (never trained with gi)

This discussion has occurred numerous times on the UG and often degrades due to polarized opinions.

Most people would benefit from training in a gi up to blue belt level or, possibly, as long as purple prior to training exclusively no gi. The reason is because new grapplers do not have any technical expertise and rely upon the physical attributes of strength and speed. Think about new students that you have personally trained and sparred. Most will be aggressive and use significant amounts of strength prior to exhausting themselves (generally within the first few minutes).

It is more difficult to use power over technique when training in the gi due to the unlimited handles of the clothing. The student must train with greater technique to execute an escape, etc.

That is not to say that someone could not train very technically when training no gi from the beginning, but I believe that it is more difficult to get the new student to do so because of their ability to use other attributes in lieu of technique.

when i have rolled gi-less with gi wearers, they tell me that they are not used to it as they are being tapped out. its just different techinques, not that one way is more technical than the other. its apples and oranges. if i rolled with them with a gi, i am sure i would be tapped out. some have told me that the gi slows everything down and it gets to be stagnate as you cant do too much. a few bjj guys tell me it is funner without the gi, i guess its personal preference.

tell ya what same skill leval and weight ill take the guy with no GI

ive heard that tooand sounds rediculous

no gi easy,less skill.The gi is just harder. "

LOL.....WHAT? The Gi is harder? I would tend to think that with a handle at your disposal the gi would tend to be a little easier. Ever done a 60 minute no gi session? It takes a little skill, and it is anything but easy.

OMG...not this again....sheesh

If you are taught technical jiujitsu it doesnt matter if you are wearing the gi or not.

I'm a no-gi person by trade. I had my first 3 years of training purely in no-gi. Though training with the gi has immensely improved my game over the few years of cross training in it. The thing about it is, that you don't have have to really play a gi only game when you do gi. You have the choice of the types of moves you use and learn in the gi. If you choose the ones that are still useable in no-gi you won't have any problem crossing back and forth between the two.

The benefits of the gi are especially apparently in guard passing and pin escapes. Because of all the extra handles your opponent has to use against you, you're forced to do things by the book and learn them correctly or even more correctly than you could get away with in no-gi. Also escaping pins in the gi is a LOT harder because of the grips they have on you. Even when practicing against someone who isn't as good as you, it makes it a lot harder if they know a little bit about what they're doing. You won't be able to just muscle your way out, so you'll be forced to become more technical with your escapes.

I like the fact that during no gi grappling people can't use the death grip to attempt to stall.

                          How long does it take to get over the claustrophobic feeling the gi causes. Grappling in the gi is tiring and f#cking hot. It's thick and it causes you to sweat profusely, worse than normal. You cook in the gi and people smother you w/ it. Nothing worse than some huge guy w/ like 50lbs. on you smothering you w/ his gi......I can deal w/ it w/ no gi, but the gi  of dread it.                

                             I plan to start training w/ the gi soon however since I've noticed that most well trained gi grapplers from good BJJ schools are more fluid than most. Hard to catch in subs too.

The one thing that I have always believed is that training in a gi makes your escapes much tighter. If you are used to escaping from submission attempts or inferior positions with a gi, escaping from those positions when someone is not wearing one is that much easier.

On the flip side, training in a gi makes you more dependent on grips for submission attempts and maintenance of control, I think, which can throw you for a serious loop if you are facing someone who is not wearing a gi, at least if you are not experienced with no-gi grappling.