Forget Lauzon... Pettis vs Cerrone UFC 141

They want this fight and are ready to go. This should happen.

Cerrone is fighting Nate Diaz Phone Post

 they just announced cerrone vs. nate diaz.

For all that Pettis was finishing people in the past, he's gone 2 for 3 all to decisions. Not sure how that bumps out Lauzon.

 Ive wanted to see Cerrone vs Pettis for a long time. They are both young though and it will happen eventually.

Cerrone vs Diaz and Lauzon vs Showtime are both amazing Phone Post

Cerrone will prob make Nate his bitch Phone Post

 I like the fights the way they are.

I have nothing against Lauzon but Pettis wants another fight ASAP and so does Cerrone, while Joe doesn't want to fight until feb.

Yeah, it's annoying to me as a huge Pettis fan how little he's been fighting. He said he wants to fight like 6 times a year but he only got 2 in 2011 in spite of not suffering any injuries. He's 1 fight removed from the emotions of his octagon debut which his reputation his heavily based on right now among the casual fan. In Cerrone's nervy octagon debut he looked like shit against Paul Kelly and would have lost had he faced someone the caliber of Guida. His 2nd fight was a decision that a lot of people considered to be disappointing like Pettis'. But Cerrone has kept on getting matches to feel more calm in the octagon and as a result has flipped his reputation. Pettis should get a chance to do the same. He's shown willingness to be a replacement like Cerrone. I don't get it. They're fucking up a young marketable fighter. He should be fighting more especially this early in his career.